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#1 2023-05-17 19:11:39

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Base System Image?

I love everything about this distro EXCEPT that its pre-packaged with Xorg and KDE. I'd love to have a completely blank slate similar to an arch install to be able to build off of. Is there anyway we can make this happen? Otherwise I'll have to manually remove the pieces I don't want which means i'll likely miss something or break my whole system...


#2 2023-05-18 02:34:05

From: Québec
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Re: Base System Image?

Personnally I think that if you want to build from a basic system, you should go for Gentoo and then add your favorite desktop.

There may be possibility to use stuff from the git and recycle it to build your own version of Redcore.  But Redcore is a KDE Plasma distro by choice.

I still think that you should go for Gentoo or just use Arch the Arch way.



#3 2023-05-18 09:49:59

Registered: 2023-05-17
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Re: Base System Image?

I understand your perspective but what I'm saying is I quite enjoy the sisyphus package manager. I enjoy the mentality behind the Redcore mission. If I just download gentoo, I wouldn't be here asking for QOL improvement. The thing about this whole distro is understanding who your audience really is. Redcore is supposed to be a stable intro to the Gentoo enviornment/world correct? Sisyphus is designed to be a simple, easy to use, front end to the Portage system to dip your toes gently into Gentoo. But the only people who are gonna be interested in that, and really further develop the system in the first place, are your intermediate -> advanced users. A new user will look at something like Ubuntu or Mint, PopOS, or even Manjaro. Redcore's key demographic should be your Arch users, or Gentoo users who want the choice of simplicity or control.

And again this is really just a request for a QOL. I believe it could serve as an invitation for potential users who may also be interested in the system but don't want to be locked into the KDE environment. Anyone who is willing to download Redcore as a base system will be your advanced users anyway which means you're increasing your average knowledge potential in your community of users. That's a major benefit in terms of longevity and sustainment.


#4 2023-05-24 18:36:42

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Re: Base System Image?

I am considering releasing a basic system image in the future. For the time being, you can do the following to leave you with a barebone, stage4 system :

emerge --deselect $(cat /etc/portage/sets/00.fonts.set|grep -v generated)
emerge --deselect $(cat /etc/portage/sets/01.themes.set|grep -v generated)
emerge --deselect $(cat /etc/portage/sets/02.sound.set|grep -v generated)
emerge --deselect $(cat /etc/portage/sets/|grep -v generated)
emerge --deselect $(cat /etc/portage/sets/04.xbase.set|grep -v generated)
emerge --deselect $(cat /etc/portage/sets/05.xdrivers.set|grep -v generated)
emerge --deselect $(cat /etc/portage/sets/06.kdebase.set|grep -v generated)
emerge --deselect $(cat /etc/portage/sets/07.kdeextra.set|grep -v generated)

followed by

sisyphus autoremove

This will remove most of the packages, including X, KDE, some system tools, whatever, in a safe manner and leave you with a very minimal system. Of course, you don't have to remove all package sets, you may want to keep some around. Look in /etc/portage/sets for a list of preinstalled packages.


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