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#1 2023-04-07 17:58:09

From: Ukraine
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Filesize for Image setup 2301.Sirius exceed FAT32 limit

Hello there!
I found some issue.

Redcore.Linux.Hardened.2201.Rastaban.KDE.amd64.iso has file size (4 311 508 KB)
Redcore.Linux.Hardened.2301.Sirius.KDE.amd64.iso has file size (4 681 492 KB)

Size for "2301" is more 4GB-1, or exactly 4,294,967,295 bytes.
If a file is larger than that, the FAT32 file system can't store it.

I use Rufus 3.22 for create bootable USB stick device, but it asking for format to NTFS
And I am unable to boot, because NTFS driver missed. This problem occur for image 2301.Sirius and not for 2201.Rastaban.

Please, drop image size for Redcore.Linux.Hardened.2301.Sirius.KDE.amd64.iso up to <= 4 311 508 KB



#2 2023-04-12 14:05:07

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Re: Filesize for Image setup 2301.Sirius exceed FAT32 limit

@Oleksa75, you can use a memory stick (minimum 8 GB storage), instead of a DVD.
PS:, you can use a Windows system (if you have one) to write the image to the stick.

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#3 2023-05-26 12:52:58

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Re: Filesize for Image setup 2301.Sirius exceed FAT32 limit

Will be dealt with. The exceedingly increased iso size is a concern for me as well, as I cannot understand why it does that. Past 2 releases were nearly identical in package lists, but the later one was larger, and this trend goes back with historic releases. Every new iso seems to somehow end up being larger than the previous one. But I am looking into it, since it now exceeded the FAT32, or a single DVD limit.


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