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#1 2023-03-07 10:37:57

Registered: 2022-08-02
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sisyphus --ask

Hi V3N3RiX,

I would to know if this is normal that sisyphus ask me twice (before and after packages downloading) to accept the system's upgrading ? I have no --ask option in sisyphus conf file. Perhaps it's due to binary and ebuild downloading sequences ?

Thanks in advance.


#2 2023-03-07 19:06:59

Registered: 2021-11-04
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Re: sisyphus --ask

Very likely. If you have both binaries and ebuilds to install, sisyphus will present the list of them separately and ask if you would like to proceed. Just make sure you have the very latest version of sisyphus, as just the other day I removed some code which could lead to some sequences to execute twice with no reason.


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