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#1 2022-10-06 23:27:28

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"-kde" global USE, why?

Why is -kde set in redcore when KDE Plasma is the default? Also, shouldn't the plasma use flag be set by default?


#2 2022-10-07 00:21:14

Registered: 2021-11-04
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Re: "-kde" global USE, why?

local use flags (searching: kde)
[-      ] kde (app-antivirus/clamtk):
Install the Dolphin plugin.

[-      ] kde (net-libs/libproxy):
Enable support for reading proxy settings from KDE

[-      ] kde (net-print/hplip):
Enables kde-misc/skanlite as scanner GUI with USE="scanner X"

As you can see, kde USE flag has little or nothing to do with the default desktop environment. Enabling it will add extra dependencies to some packages and we felt like we don't want that. For example, enabling it on net-print/hplip would pull kde-misc/skanlite unconditionally. By keeping it disabled, we give the users the choice to install or not install the kde-misc/skanlite package.

Regarding the plasma USE, I presume you mean one of Gentoo's plasma profiles. We use the most basic profile and not a plasma profile, for the same reason above. Using a plasma profile would enforce certain dependencies. That behaviour is absolutely fine when you build your own Gentoo system because you do it the way you want it. In Redcore's case, the system is more generic, and we may add some other desktop environments in the future, so a very basic profile is the right choice, not a plasma one.


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