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#1 2021-12-07 21:17:45

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Installing Redcore linux hardened 2102 on VirtualBox

I try to install Redcore linux hardened 2102 on VirtualBox.
I waited around 10 minutes and is not continue.
Always is stuck at "Starting version 249", at the phase that is before starting the Redcore installer.
I allocated 50 GB VM hard disk, 6500 MB of RAM and 3 cores for the VM and 128 MB for video card.
I tried with and without 3D acceleration.
VirtualBox is version 6.1.30
It`s incompatible with VirtualBox?
Will work with Vmware workstation player 16?
PS: On VMware workstation player 16 is stuck at the same phase.

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#2 2021-12-26 02:55:37

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Re: Installing Redcore linux hardened 2102 on VirtualBox

I am aware things are wonky sometimes in virtual environment, but it feels like a hit and miss. Sometimes won't boot, sometimes it will without changing anything in the Virtual Machine's configuration. But will do some investigations to see which configurations produce more hits.


#3 2022-01-08 10:41:07

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Re: Installing Redcore linux hardened 2102 on VirtualBox


If your host OS is some Linux, you can use qemu.
I am using it with virt-manager, but other GUI frontends are available too (aqemu and so on)
It works like a charm with redcore using the QXL Video driver.
(after install, you may want to install also spice-vdagent to enable display autoscale)

If your OS is Windos .. you can try vmware something but I doubt it will work as expected (vmware has also some creepy drivers)
In VirtualBox, you can try also to change the display driver under Settins > Display > Graphics Controller (VboxSVGA vs VmSVGA).
Not sure which one will perform better but this is how I managed in the past to get over the install.


#4 2022-07-13 14:27:36

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Re: Installing Redcore linux hardened 2102 on VirtualBox

Thanks Bionel changing the graphic controller helped me finish the installation. Trying it out to see how it goes.


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