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#1 2024-05-08 21:03:11

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Thanks, suggestions, issues with Wayland(Nvidia), locations

Firstly, I'd like to express my gratitude for the wonderful Redcore distribution. I originally came from Sabayon Linux and was quite disappointed when it was discontinued or merged and took a rather unusual path.

I have a few cosmetic comments as well:

During installation, I selected German as the language but later had to switch from English to German again in KDE, and the Bash was set to an English keyboard layout.

Following the installation guide on the wiki, I installed the proprietary Nvidia driver version :5. Afterwards, I had to fallback to X11 since Wayland became unusable, and I ended up in Bash after installation and reboot because Wayland couldn't start, yet nvidia-xconfig was required during installation. It might be simpler if the Ebuild included configuring X11 for those who wish to use it.

As a system administrator, I often use TeamViewer in both business and private settings. It would be great if there was a package available for it.

I'd like to financially support the project as a company, but I haven't found any official means to do so as a business.


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