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#1 2023-10-22 12:23:17

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Command line utility for security and better usability

I hope this message finds you well. I am a user of Redcore Linux and have been impressed with its performance and capabilities. However, I would like to suggest an enhancement that could significantly improve the usability and security of the distribution, with a particular emphasis on implementing the "doas" utility.

I have noticed that the distribution does not include "sudo" or "doas" by default. While this design choice aligns with Redcore Linux's specific goals and principles, I believe that introducing "doas" could greatly benefit both new and experienced users.

The Advantages of Implementing doas:
1. Enhanced Usability:

-User-Friendly Administrative Access:
"doas" allows regular users to perform administrative tasks with a clear and user-friendly syntax. This would make Redcore Linux more accessible to a wider audience, including those who might be new to Linux.

- Simplified Command Execution:With
"doas," users can execute individual commands with elevated privileges without needing to switch to a root shell. This streamlined approach reduces the risk of accidental system modifications.

2. Improved Security:

- Fine-Grained Control:
"doas" provides fine-grained control over which users or groups can execute specific commands as root. This aligns with the principle of least privilege, limiting potential security risks.

- Auditing and Logging:
"doas" offers auditing and logging capabilities, allowing administrators to track and review commands executed with elevated privileges. This enhances security and accountability.

3. Compatibility and Documentation:

-Widely Adopted Standard:
"doas" is increasingly becoming a standard tool in Unix-like operating systems. Its use is widely documented, making it easier for users to find resources and support.

-Consistency with Linux Ecosystem:
Many Linux distributions include "sudo" or "doas" as part of their standard toolset. Adopting "doas" in Redcore Linux would align it more closely with the broader Linux ecosystem.

I would like to propose consider implementing "doas" as an optional utility that users can choose to install during the initial setup or afterward. This approach allows users to maintain the distribution's minimalist philosophy while also accommodating those who prefer or require the features and usability benefits of "doas."

I understand that this suggestion may require careful consideration and testing to ensure it aligns with Redcore Linux's goals and principles. However, I believe that offering "doas" as an option would make Redcore Linux even more appealing to a diverse user base, including casual users who seek a user-friendly Linux distribution.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your feedback on this suggestion and would be happy to assist with any further discussions or testing if needed.


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