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#1 2023-06-05 08:04:56

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Application Request- Skanpage

Hey V3,

Love the Os, Please consider making a binary so there is one less alien to install.


Apart from having a great UI, it allows for an easy multiple-page scanning feature.

None of the others that I have tried, have this feature, their UI Sucks.

# Just a side note, I understand the frustration from those who are saying it takes ages to bring the rolling release up to date with the upgrades, as I just completed +1500 packages fresh install. I don't know how difficult it would be, but perhaps a daily build (with a disclaimer)  TESTING iso. then perhaps those that are experienced then can switch the "mirror & branch" back to their preferred option, that is if they don't wish to stay with the Test installation.




#2 2023-06-13 08:46:09

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Re: Application Request- Skanpage

Binary built in branch edge. It will migrate to next, and then master in the next few days.


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