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#1 2021-12-05 22:34:12

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Steps for installing Cinnamon on Redcore Linux Hardened 2102

What are the steps for installing Cinnamon on Redcore Linux Hardened 2102?


#2 2021-12-06 23:17:35

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Re: Steps for installing Cinnamon on Redcore Linux Hardened 2102

1. use a console or terminal

2. type "su" and then use your administrator password

3. then type: sisyphus install cinnamon --ebuild

4. answer with "y" for installing 58 packages or more

5. wait for installing

6. log out an log in on cinnamon smile


#3 2021-12-06 23:41:22

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Re: Steps for installing Cinnamon on Redcore Linux Hardened 2102

sisyphus install cinnamon --ebuild

These are the binary packages that would be merged, in order:

dev-python/webencodings-0.5.1-r1  dev-python/pyproject2setuppy-20  virtual/freedesktop-icon-theme-0-r4  media-gfx/potrace-1.16  media-gfx/imagemagick-

Total: 5 binary package(s)

These are the source packages that would be merged, in order:

acct-group/colord-0  sys-auth/nss-myhostname-0.3-r1  dev-python/setproctitle-1.2.2  gnome-extra/cinnamon-translations-5.0.2  dev-libs/libtimezonemap-0.4.6-r1  dev-python/pyinotify-0.9.6  dev-python/pypam-0.5.0-r6  media-libs/exempi-2.4.5-r1  acct-user/colord-0  dev-python/ptyprocess-0.7.0  gnome-extra/cinnamon-desktop-5.0.0  x11-libs/libxklavier-5.4  gnome-extra/cinnamon-menus-5.0.0  x11-libs/startup-notification-0.12-r1  gnome-extra/cjs-5.0.1  dev-libs/keybinder-0.3.2-r300  dev-python/pexpect-4.8.0-r2  dev-python/tinycss2-1.1.0  gnome-extra/polkit-gnome-0.105-r2  gnome-base/gvfs-1.48.1-r1  dev-libs/libgusb-0.3.7  app-admin/openrc-settingsd-1.1.0  net-libs/libnma-1.8.32  dev-libs/libgee-0.20.4  dev-python/pyatspi-2.38.1  media-libs/cogl-1.22.8-r1  gnome-base/libgnomekbd-3.26.1  x11-misc/colord-1.4.5-r1  x11-wm/muffin-5.0.2  gnome-extra/nm-applet-1.22.0-r1  media-libs/clutter-1.26.4  virtual/imagemagick-tools-0  x11-libs/xapps-2.2.4  app-accessibility/caribou-0.4.21-r4  gnome-extra/cinnamon-settings-daemon-5.0.4  gnome-extra/libgsf-1.14.47  gnome-extra/gnome-color-manager-3.36.0  dev-python/xapp-2.2.1  gnome-extra/cinnamon-control-center-5.0.2  gnome-extra/cinnamon-session-5.0.1  gnome-extra/nemo-5.0.4  gnome-extra/cinnamon-screensaver-5.0.7  gnome-extra/cinnamon-5.0.6

Total: 43 source package(s)

Would you like to proceed? [y/N] n

Ok; Quitting.

This will install Cinnamon alongside KDE Plasma. Be aware that source packages will be compiled locally on your machine, so it may take a while.


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