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#1 Re: Suggestions and feedback » new iso for 2022 ? » 2022-08-10 11:17:16

There will be a new ISO this year, that I can guarantee. What I cannot guarantee is a date when it will be out. All I can say is, it's in the pipeline.

#2 Re: Hardware : drivers, peripherals » Nvidia driver failed instalation » 2022-08-09 14:04:26

This has been fixed in 390.151. Please try again and if you still have issues, let me know.

#3 Re: Software : install, uninstall, update, upgrade » Uninstall fontforge not work » 2022-04-21 21:49:54

korhal ~ # equery depends fontforge
* These packages depend on fontforge:
app-office/libreoffice- (media-gfx/fontforge)
media-fonts/arphicfonts-0.2.20080216.1-r2 (media-gfx/fontforge)
media-fonts/dejavu-2.37 (fontforge ? >=media-gfx/fontforge-20080429)
media-fonts/liberation-fonts-2.1.3 (media-gfx/fontforge)

korhal ~ # equery depends arphicfonts
* These packages depend on arphicfonts:
app-text/ghostscript-gpl-9.55.0-r1 (l10n_zh-CN ? media-fonts/arphicfonts)
                                   (l10n_zh-TW ? media-fonts/arphicfonts)

korhal ~ # equery depends ghostscript-gpl
* These packages depend on ghostscript-gpl:
app-text/gocr-0.52 (doc ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
app-text/libspectre-0.2.9 (>=app-text/ghostscript-gpl-9.24)
app-text/qpdf-10.6.3 (test ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl[tiff(+)])
dev-lang/nasm-2.15.05 (doc ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
dev-util/ragel-7.0.4-r1 (app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
media-gfx/fbida-2.14-r3 (ghostscript ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
media-gfx/gimp-2.10.30 (postscript ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
media-gfx/graphviz-2.50.0 (postscript ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
                          (doc ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
media-gfx/imagemagick- (postscript ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
media-gfx/inkscape-1.1.2 (postscript ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
media-libs/netpbm-10.86.30 (postscript ? app-text/ghostscript-gpl)
net-print/cups-filters-1.28.15 (postscript ? >=app-text/ghostscript-gpl-9.09[cups])
net-print/hplip-3.22.2 (app-text/ghostscript-gpl)

As you can see, the dependency chain gets really long, really fast. You can remove it with --force option if you really want to, but it will get pulled back in to fix the dependency chain.

#4 Re: Software : install, uninstall, update, upgrade » 'Unstable' (based on non-hardened gentoo) release? » 2022-04-21 21:41:25

Not anymore. Though, we're based on Gentoo's testing branch, so the system is pretty up-to-date. We only lag a few (about 3) days behind Gentoo itself.

#5 Re: Software : install, uninstall, update, upgrade » is there a "stable" base? » 2022-04-21 21:36:51

Stable is a relative term really. That being said, Redcore uses Gentoo's testing branch as a base, so things can and will break from time to time. However we're doing our best to prevent such breakages to reach our master/stable branch. Though, we do not offer any guarantees, the distribution is provided "as is" ...

#6 Re: Suggestions and feedback » registration anti-bot verification » 2021-12-26 02:57:52

I agree, will lower the entry barrier slightly. But I'm happy to report that 3 people, including you, managed to register even with that really hard challenge. big_smile

#7 Re: Software : install, uninstall, update, upgrade » Installing Redcore linux hardened 2102 on VirtualBox » 2021-12-26 02:55:37

I am aware things are wonky sometimes in virtual environment, but it feels like a hit and miss. Sometimes won't boot, sometimes it will without changing anything in the Virtual Machine's configuration. But will do some investigations to see which configurations produce more hits.

#8 Re: Hardware : drivers, peripherals » 10GB NIC? » 2021-12-26 02:52:46

Well, as long as the module for such a card is in the kernel, we can always enable it, if by any chance it isn't in the default kernel configuration.

#9 Re: Suggestions and feedback » New Redcore with i3 » 2021-12-26 02:49:40

I can package i3 and related things as binary if you wish, but honestly, spinning ISO images is time consuming. It takes 3 hours just to spin, which then needs to be tested if it boots, if it installs, if it crashes and so on. If somebody else is willing to spin any community edition, I'm willing to package the required stuff. But I cannot maintain multiple ISO images myself.

#10 Re: Software : install, uninstall, update, upgrade » Steps for installing Cinnamon on Redcore Linux Hardened 2102 » 2021-12-06 23:41:22

sisyphus install cinnamon --ebuild

These are the binary packages that would be merged, in order:

dev-python/webencodings-0.5.1-r1  dev-python/pyproject2setuppy-20  virtual/freedesktop-icon-theme-0-r4  media-gfx/potrace-1.16  media-gfx/imagemagick-

Total: 5 binary package(s)

These are the source packages that would be merged, in order:

acct-group/colord-0  sys-auth/nss-myhostname-0.3-r1  dev-python/setproctitle-1.2.2  gnome-extra/cinnamon-translations-5.0.2  dev-libs/libtimezonemap-0.4.6-r1  dev-python/pyinotify-0.9.6  dev-python/pypam-0.5.0-r6  media-libs/exempi-2.4.5-r1  acct-user/colord-0  dev-python/ptyprocess-0.7.0  gnome-extra/cinnamon-desktop-5.0.0  x11-libs/libxklavier-5.4  gnome-extra/cinnamon-menus-5.0.0  x11-libs/startup-notification-0.12-r1  gnome-extra/cjs-5.0.1  dev-libs/keybinder-0.3.2-r300  dev-python/pexpect-4.8.0-r2  dev-python/tinycss2-1.1.0  gnome-extra/polkit-gnome-0.105-r2  gnome-base/gvfs-1.48.1-r1  dev-libs/libgusb-0.3.7  app-admin/openrc-settingsd-1.1.0  net-libs/libnma-1.8.32  dev-libs/libgee-0.20.4  dev-python/pyatspi-2.38.1  media-libs/cogl-1.22.8-r1  gnome-base/libgnomekbd-3.26.1  x11-misc/colord-1.4.5-r1  x11-wm/muffin-5.0.2  gnome-extra/nm-applet-1.22.0-r1  media-libs/clutter-1.26.4  virtual/imagemagick-tools-0  x11-libs/xapps-2.2.4  app-accessibility/caribou-0.4.21-r4  gnome-extra/cinnamon-settings-daemon-5.0.4  gnome-extra/libgsf-1.14.47  gnome-extra/gnome-color-manager-3.36.0  dev-python/xapp-2.2.1  gnome-extra/cinnamon-control-center-5.0.2  gnome-extra/cinnamon-session-5.0.1  gnome-extra/nemo-5.0.4  gnome-extra/cinnamon-screensaver-5.0.7  gnome-extra/cinnamon-5.0.6

Total: 43 source package(s)

Would you like to proceed? [y/N] n

Ok; Quitting.

This will install Cinnamon alongside KDE Plasma. Be aware that source packages will be compiled locally on your machine, so it may take a while.

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