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#1 Software : install, uninstall, update, upgrade » is there a "stable" base? » 2022-03-23 13:03:15

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i'm using debian on my home system since fiddling around with bleeding edge distros kinda takes time. i've been mostly okay but i've been missing the advantages of access to bleeding edge software that gentoo offers. i've stumbled across this distribution in the wikis. is this a distro where you can have a stable base installation, install all and new and cool stuff on just the /home partition? I must've read somewhere that gentoo allows for different directories for different versions of software. if you somehow brick your system you can hop back into frozen snapshot(if you set it up beforehand) of a stable base installation.

so it's mostly two things.
1. how stable is the stable release?
2. can install bleeding edge software on top on it and still be safe?

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