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#1 Re: Software : install, uninstall, update, upgrade » Installing Redcore linux hardened 2102 on VirtualBox » 2022-01-08 10:41:07


If your host OS is some Linux, you can use qemu.
I am using it with virt-manager, but other GUI frontends are available too (aqemu and so on)
It works like a charm with redcore using the QXL Video driver.
(after install, you may want to install also spice-vdagent to enable display autoscale)

If your OS is Windos .. you can try vmware something but I doubt it will work as expected (vmware has also some creepy drivers)
In VirtualBox, you can try also to change the display driver under Settins > Display > Graphics Controller (VboxSVGA vs VmSVGA).
Not sure which one will perform better but this is how I managed in the past to get over the install.

#2 Re: Suggestions and feedback » New Redcore with i3 » 2022-01-08 10:30:12

Perhaps a 'minimal' (CLI only) ISO will be more appropriate ... and having that the user can install whatever needed
Although one can do a 'bare-bone' install using the stage4 image (not sure if it is available for download yet but it can be published I think)

#3 Re: Hardware : drivers, peripherals » 10GB NIC? » 2021-12-14 15:27:07

it's that circle ....
you don't buy a NIC because you don't trust it is supported.
redcore cannot say it is supported, because don't have such to test.

so ...

#4 Re: Hardware : drivers, peripherals » 10GB NIC? » 2021-12-09 17:40:55

i think your question has to go the other way.
do you have any particular setup in mind so redcore development 'team' can check if it is supported?
eventualy, because we know you are bored sometime, kindly help with various tests.
or if you are more generous, kindly donate such hardware to the testing team so they can take a look.

#5 Re: Suggestions and feedback » New Redcore with i3 » 2021-12-09 17:33:45

i3 and family are just simple wm's.
why would somebody need a dedicated release for it?

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